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Prescott Air Cooling Result

Just got myself a 3E ES, just want to share my experience with those of you thinking about overclocking the Prescott with just air cooling.

This is my setup:
Intel P4 3E ES
Abit IC7MAX3 (beta bios 14.b04)
Geil Platinum PC4200 512MB x 2
ATI 9800Pro 128MB
Raid0 with 2 x Maxtor ATA133 60GB
Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2
Antec True Control 550W

Cooling Component:
Thermalright SP94 with Delta 92mm fan rated at 4,500 rpm, 96cfm
Artic Silver 5
Cooler Master ATC-110B replaced case fan with Delta 80mm fan rated at 5,500 rpm, 80cfm and fan controller.

Here is a picture of the case:

As you all know by now, Prescott is a toaster. The sweet spot is 3.725GHz (266FSB x 14, 1:1) on current setup.

Iíve been testing this setting for 2 days. It runs 100% stable at everything I through at it. VCore is at 1.5825. The CPU loves voltage and I think can go much higher, but I think Iíll stick below 1.6v with just air cooling for now. As you can see the temp below:

At full load, the cpu temp reaching 72 degree. I think this is about the limit of air cooling. I could load windows and do some bench at 3.8GHz (with 1.5825 VCore).

But it will reboot halfway during 3dmark bench. Upping voltage will solve that, but that will mean full load will reach nearly 80C and thatís a little risky.

At 1.5825, I can run FSB up to 270 at Multi 14 with my ram and it can do 2.5-4-4-7 at that speed. But I feel that the board likes 3-4-4-8 better. I ran 268FSB looping 3dmark03 at it 20th loop the machine reboot. I think itís the temp. 266 seem fine and did overnight 3dmark loops without any problem. And 266FSB seems to be the sweet spot for now.

SuperPI Score:

2 area Prescott clearly exceed Northwood:


PCMark02/Memory score

After thoughts,

Overclocking the Prescott itís quite easy to get it up but frustrated with the temp and power issue. It seems never stop keep asking for more juice. My CPU needed extra juice starting from 3.5GHz. I donít think this is a particularly good one as some reviewer said their CPU can go far on default voltage. Mine is a stepping 3 BTW. But after a while it developed a pattern. Whenever the CPU run out of juice, it will either load into windows with a black screen or reboot during bench. Reboot add a little more VCore then its all fine again. The pattern is about every 100MHz and I still havenít got to a point where it wants to stop. But then again, every time you increases VCore is about 2 degree temp increase on idle and may be more on full load. BTW the increase range on IC7MAX3 is 0.025v. Being said that, I have never seen my Antec TC 550 take such a beating. The True Control series allows adjustable voltage. And I had already turn them to the max (3.35, 5.14, 12.22). With the P4C or the A64, I never have seen power draining of 3.3v below 3.3 and 12v below 12 on the Antec. But on several occasion during benchmark, I remember it was PCmark04 image processing, 3.3 line suck down to 3.25 and 12v line suck down to 11.9 and thatís when the temp hit 72C. I will not recommend running this CPU without a very powerful PSU.

All and all, Iím quite happy that it run steady on air at 3.7GHz.

Hope you enjoy this, have a good day.
Rig 1: (Watercooling by Swifttech: MCW5002, MCW50, MCW20, MCP600)
IC7MAX3, P4 3.2EE @ 3.6GHz, Kingston HyperX PC3500 (BH5), ATIX800Pro.
BiosBT15, 225x16 (1:1), 2-2-2-5, GAT: SR/S/4/E/D, 567/570

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