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I am trying to get my triple boot system running Linux Mandrake 7.2 to get access to the internet.

I have tried 3 different network cards that are Linux ready in slot 5 and have had no sucess. I have tried going through my server and also tried a direct cable connection using DHCP.

I was wondering if it is incompatible some how with my setup. I am also wondering if I changed the slot would that help it possibly? It runs fine in WinMe/Win2k.

I have also been online before this way, so I'm puzzled as to why it doesnt work now. I have tried many different things. And reinstalle dit like 50 times.

Anyone know wassup? Please help!

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When it is running in a windows environment I would leave it in the same slot.

As root user you can issue the 'lsmod' command to see if your card driver is loaded

I have a Digital card (tulip driver) , and the output of the lsmod command produces something like this:

tulip 30744 1 (autoclean)
PIV 1600;
512Mb Dane-Elec RDRAM;
Hercules Prophet III Ti200;
Toshiba DVD Rom;
4x Quantum U2W scsi disks;
Digital NIC;
DDS2 Tape unit;
Yamaha2100S Rewriter;
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Thanks for the help, but I tried using my 3com and it works now, but I had to change from expert install to custom install in Mandrake 7.2

Im just learning linux anyways. I set it to DHCP and the IP is set from my server running Windows 2000. I like how I have my server (Abit SA6R) running Windows 2000 Server and my client (CUSL2) running a triple boot on a 30 gig IBM ATA100 drive.

WinMe/Win2k/Linux on the CUSL2 rocks now!
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