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Ubuntu partition disappeared in Windows7

I am trying to remove Ubuntu 9.04 from my daughter's laptop.

She installed it on an XP laptop, which was subsequently upgraded to Windows 7.

Looking around on the internets, I see that the advice for Ubuntu-ectomy starts with
removing the Ubuntu partition. However, I only see one partition. One big one for the C: drive.

Maybe that's somehow because of the Win 7 upgrade ?

On bootup, I get three choices: Old version of Windows, Windows 7, and Ubuntu 9.04.
I can still log in to Ubuntu, but cannot find a way to delete it.

I cannot tell offhand whether the OS boot screen is something from Ubuntu (ie GRUB )
or whether Windows 7 owns that.

Is there another way to delete Ubuntu other than partition removal? Or is there
another way to find the Ubuntu partition ?
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Re: Ubuntu partition disappeared in Windows7

I suspect that this will help:

Removing Linux Grub & Restoring Windows 7 Boot GUI | Luke Addison dot com

In addition to the main article, note the comments near the bottom of the page about the bootsect and fixmbr commands.

I suspect that the boot menu you are seeing is the GRUB menu, which looks like the picture in the upper right corner of this page (you can click on it to expand it):

GNU GRUB - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In order to see the Linux partition from Windows, you would have to use Windows Disk Management, which you can access as described in the article. But don't delete the Linux partition until you can boot directly into Windows, without going through GRUB. If you delete the Linux partition without first eliminating GRUB from the boot process, the computer will be unbootable.

Good luck!

-- Al
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Re: Ubuntu partition disappeared in Windows7

Windows Boot Manager

Thank you for your quick response. I'm reading those articles now.

But here's an update:
1. On startup, I get the Windows Boot Manager, NOT the GRUB. It's clearly titled Windows Boot Manager.

2. Looking at Windows Disk Management, My Computer(Right Click) -> Manage->Disk Management
There is clearly only one partition (the C: partition) There are no other partitions.
I would expected to see one or two blank labled partitions that Ubuntu might be using.

The Ubuntu partitions are not there, but I can still boot to Ubuntu from the Windows Boot Manager.

Since I can never get to the point where I can delete the Ubuntu partition, I cannot run the other commands
(bootsect, fixmbr).

3. I tried to edit the Windows Boot Manager. (right click) Computer->Properties->Advanced System Settings->(startup and recovery) settings.
Under the "Default operating system" list, only Windows7 and Earlier Version of Windows are listed. Ubuntu is not listed.

So the partition exists somewhere, I just can't find it within Windows7

4. On rebooting, I selected "Earlier Version of Windows". This option boots Ubuntu!

5. Rebooted again, this time in Windows7, and then entered "Windows XPMode" , a VM running in Windows 7.

I tried looking here for partitions, but since it's a Virtual HD in xpmode, I only see the one partition.

I think my big mistake here was upgrading to Windows7 with Ubuntu already installed on XP.
At this point, I think my best option may be to reformat and reinstall Windows7. But that will have to wait
until semester break.

Thanks for the references -- I might also post on that forum, to see if anyone else encountered the Win7 upgrade problem.
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