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If I upgrade my P4S8X to a new mobo - do I need to reinstall the OS?


I am one of the many people on this board who got stuck with the P4S8X... Before I ask the question I need help on - a little background...

I also had the unfortunate setup of the P4S8X and an AIW 9700. I've had my fair share of game hangs in Doom3, UT2004 and HL2. With BF2 on preorder and coming in soon I am thinking about buying a new videocard(Radeon X800 XL) to bump the frame rates. I have read through all the threads pertaining to the P4S8X on this board and have gotten a lot of help to get it as best as can be...

I also have 2 sticks of Corsair XMS DDR 400 memory @512MB which is pretty much useless in the P4S8X - I can only run at DDR 333 speeds and even then I have the occasional crash.

What I am wondering is if I replace my P4S8X mobo with say a ASUS P4P800-E DELUXE or ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe and retain my P4 2.53GHZ CPU and all four of my IDE devices (2 WD HD's, 2 Plextor DVD Burners) - will I need to reinstall Windows XP Pro. I have built a lot of machines from scratch but never upgraded a mobo to a new one with the desire to keep everything intact. I thought a lot about upgrading to a new LGA board with PCI-E but at this point I rather wait until Pentium D's processors based on the PentiumM architecture come out next year... Both these boards support dual channel DDR 400 and from what I have heard they are both good(if you have a recommendation one way or the other on them that would be helpful too)...

Any help would be appreciated. I rather not start this and then end up with a dead system...

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The P4S8X has the SIS 648 chipset while the boards you mention have intel chipsets. At the very least you will have to remove all the chipset drivers(AGP,IDE,etc) in device maneger before you swap boards. Also any onboard hardware that is different from one board to the P4S8X such as lan and sound. If in doubt about a driver, remove it, as you can reinstall it after the swap. Once all the drivers are removed, shut down and swap the boards and install drivers for that board. Back up any data you don't want to lose just in case something goes wrong. I did the same thing only used another sis chipset (655tx) so the chipset drivers were the same, but this should work for a different chipset.
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