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Question Intel Motherboards (Extreme): Still a Good Choice?

Current: Intel D975XBX2

It's that time again... time to rebuild my box. I have various USB3 devices and a box that's sitting back at USB2.

I feel comfortable buying Intel... CPU as well as motherboard. But on the forums here... review overclocking sites (I have no intention at the moment to OC)... lots of talk of Asus, MSI, Gigabyte.. but no talk of Intel boards.

Are the Intel motherboards for the current architectures that far behind or just lacking in features?

I've looked at Asus boards, and it's pretty impressive the "Republic of Gaming" (ROG) initiative they have. I play games, yes, but I also write code but generally a nice CPU is mostly whats necessary for coding. Anyway, the list of features with the Asus boards is also pretty impressive. I noticed some of the features Asus offers like USB means of updating BIOS... inline diagnostics... wild stuff.

New Technology
Seeing as old as my motherboard is, I'm playing catch-up on the technology... Z77... Sandy Bridge... and it seems that a new tech shift is coming in 2013? Not that I would wait... of course if I keep taking my time as I have... it could be next year before I finalize a list of parts I want to get.

I perused Newegg's site, looking at reviews of boards, what people like/dislike/problems... and I noticed the vendor videos and the walk-through of the boards. Wow... that's really nice... an Asus tech (sales?) guy pointing out connection by connection what everything is, how the board works... very nice.

Of course to make things even more interesting, I would like to do water cooling this time around. I haven't even looked into it.

I noticed some interesting boxes made with alot of Corsair equipment, I've been impressed by their offerings of late.

Asus motherboards? Intel? UEFI prevalent on boards now?

Any tips for someone building a box now?
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Re: Intel Motherboards (Extreme): Still a Good Choice?

Intel boards are a great choice.

Unless you have to, suspend build till Haswell appears next year.

Googling Haswell will tell you all you need to know including why.
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Re: Intel Motherboards (Extreme): Still a Good Choice?

Thanks, Jim. Wow, I wasn't aware of the shift that will be Haswell.

Transactional Synchronization sounds awesome (to me at least).

It would be interesting to see Thunderbolt and external video graphics change the way we use laptops (integrated graphics means throwing the laptop away and getting a new one to get newer graphics support).

Yay bleeding edge.
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