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how do I rip a short video segment from a DVD?

I need to rip a few short segments from a commercial DVD, about 10 seconds worth. Either to avi or mpeg. Then I wish to join those segments into one file. What's the best freeware to do that? Either Windows or Linux apps, I use both.

If I'm successful, I'll use the short vid for a public service purpose if the studio gives me permission.

Thanks guys....
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Re: how do I rip a short video segment from a DVD?

It can be done, but you have that copy protection thing going. Copy protection aside AKA non protected media I have used WinDVD7 Platinum many times. Nero Vision can assemble clips. As far as free goes I have no clue. I'd look at the programs you have at your disposal already. The copy protection problem thing is your baby.
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Re: how do I rip a short video segment from a DVD?

Thanks, but I sorted it out. The Internet is an amazing place.

I hadn't done this before so I had to slog through quite a bit of information found on the internet. A good source of info was found here:


After I figured out which apps to use, I vetted them with a little research to make sure I wasn't getting spyware or some such and feel confident the apps are legit.

I ripped the disc to my hard drive using DVD Decrypter

I then transcoded the VOB file I needed to an AVI file.

I did this with Virtual-Dub-Mpeg2 after/after I downloaded AC3ACM Decompressor so that Virtual-Dub could read the audio files and sync it with the video.

I then used Virtual-Dub to take the AVI file and pick out the segments that I needed. I ended up with only 2 segments but then I had to join them.

I joined them with Windows Movie Maker. I then added a JPEG graphic to end the movie and I did this with Windows Movie Maker again. The only output to Movie Maker, unfortunately are WMV files, but that's OK for my purposes.

All free programs, all pretty darn easy to use. I'm really happy.

I did this on my XP box. I might try it again on my Linux box with a program called "Handbrake" that looks as though it might be a one stop app for Linux.
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