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Best of Both Worlds: Windows 7 on the Mac

Now consumers can choose a best-of-both-worlds solution that combines Apple's highly regarded (if expensive) hardware with the compatibility and software-library depth of Windows. Indeed, I've been using an Apple Macbook notebook running Windows 7 ever since Microsoft's latest operating system shipped in early beta form.... This, truly, is the best of both worlds, as you can choose to access Windows 7 natively via Boot Camp or virtualized from within Mac OS X, all on the same machine.
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Re: Best of Both Worlds: Windows 7 on the Mac

Cool! Thanks ctal! Now, I just have to rob a bank to pay for a Mac
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Re: Best of Both Worlds: Windows 7 on the Mac

right ! friggin mac's are are wayyyyyyyyyy over priced
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Re: Best of Both Worlds: Windows 7 on the Mac

Why would anyone pay extra money for a mac that uses slower and or outdated hardware and run windows on it? Now I see nothing wrong with buying a mac if it does what you need to do. But if you need windows the money would be better off spent by building or buying a windows PC in the first place.
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