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How Do I Delete A Neighbor's Wifi Connection?

Hello. I have a neighbor's wifi connection that pops up in my list of network connections and I can't get rid of it. At times it seems to interfere with the pc connecting to my home network. On my older XP machine i could temporarily delete the connection but it would always come back. I wold love to permanently delete the neighbor's connection or at least block all access to it. I'm running Windows 7. My wireless router is an Airport Extreme. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: How Do I Delete A Neighbor's Wifi Connection?

Sounds liek what Ive experienced.. I used to be with another net supplier and had my SSID set.. then I switched over but I never removed the SSID.. so even when I don't exist as actual internet user anymore on that network the SSID still shows up all the time
Bottom line.. I don't think you can do things like that
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Re: How Do I Delete A Neighbor's Wifi Connection?

I have 7 or 8 wifi that appear on mine but it is no problem. Mine is secured and I login to mine and do not worry about those other wifi's. Is yours secured and do you login to your own connection too? If the answer is no, then you need to secure yours too.
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Re: How Do I Delete A Neighbor's Wifi Connection?

The other router ids that show up are a result of broadcasting their ssid.

There is an option in every router that came after xp and beyond not to broadcast the id. This is not a problem once you have your own router set up and every time you bring the system up it should log onto the default network set up.

Most people even those in the know setup the ssid because they can browse and know their own network.

The only time there is interference is when the channel that you are using is the same one the other router is using.

The way around is either ask your neighbor to change their channel ( good luck with that even though you may have been there first).

Just go into the router config and and change the channel your router is transmitting on. You may also have to change the client side as well.
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