Intel Says in Breakthrough in Transistor Design

By: Gorganzola
November 25th, 2001
11:12 pm

The technology, Intel said, solves two of the more intractable problems facing the development and manufacture of microprocessors today as more and more transistors are packed onto each chip: power consumption and heat. In addition, as the geometries on chips become ever smaller, it becomes increasingly difficult to ensure that electrons go where they were engineered to go, a problem that can lead to current leakage within the device.

The advances, which Intel calls the TeraHertz transistor because it cycles on and off 1 trillion times per second, could ultimately lead to new applications, such as real-time voice and face recognition, computing without keyboards and ever-smaller electronic gizmos with higher performance and improved battery life. To compare, it would take a person more than 15,000 years to turn a light switch on and off a trillion times.

Read more about it here.

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MS throttles research to conceal SW bugs

By: JoeFrat
November 20th, 2001
4:23 pm

I found this at the register. Not a good idea:eek:

Microsoft Security Manager Scott Culp revealed unilateral steps the company has taken to throttle the exchange of vulnerability information relevant to their famously buggy products, clearly in hopes that patches and fixes can be fed to consumers discreetly, without ever realizing they've been at risk to attack.

During a presentation at the Trusted Computing Forum in Mountain View, California Thursday, Culp outlined the terms of several partnerships MS has pursued with compliant security vendors aimed at keeping the Redmond Beast's dirty laundry hidden from the public eye.

Briefly, the scheme requires vendors to withhold detailed security data and to suppress the exchange of exploit code, which, unfortunately, is the only means of verifying that a patch actually works.

Read more here:

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Outlawing Cookies

By: Gorganzola
November 10th, 2001
5:27 pm

It looks like the US and EU (European Union) is looking at eliminating cookies. For the outlook of the impact of such a move read the stories below:

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Ignore SSSCA, risk becoming a 'federal felon, overnight'

By: ShaMan_abx
November 6th, 2001
1:39 am

Ignore SSSCA, risk becoming a 'federal felon, overnight'

Tuesday October 02, 12:05 PM EST - by Tina Gasperson -

The anti-SSSCA movement is building steam rapidly this week as an online petition directed at lawmakers garners over 7,000 signatures in a little over three weeks. "I'm hoping Congress will understand that the average person thinks the government forcing policeware on their computers is un-American and downright wrong, and that supporting the SSSCA will hurt them when they run for re-election," says Don Pavlish, the mastermind behind the petition and a new Web site called

The potential SSSCA (Security Systems Standards and Certification Act) legislation is a serious threat to Open Source operating systems. As reported by NewsForge last week, it could outlaw Linux because it calls for proprietary copy-protection standards that wouldn't fly with the GPL.

Read the full article HERE

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Microsoft & U.S. Gov Reach Settlement

By: ShaMan_abx
November 2nd, 2001
2:18 am

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates will have reason to smile if his company's antitrust woes are settled. Microsoft, Justice Department Reach Antitrust Settlement; Some States Unhappy.

N E W Y O R K, Nov. 1 Microsoft Corp. and the Justice Department have reached an agreement to settle their bitter, long-running antitrust dispute, government sources said tonight.

Read Entire News Article Here

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Cooling Off: THG visits AMD

By: Gorganzola
November 1st, 2001
12:53 am

AMD retorts to the Tom's Hardware Guides' review and puts new guidelines into affect for motherboard manufacturer. The side affect is that the new guidelines call for the machine to be shut down immediately, which doesn't afford any data protection because the machine was not shut down properly.

AMD is going to work on better protection, which was instigated by the THG review.

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Deskstar 75GXP: the pain continues

By: SubZero
October 24th, 2001
11:22 pm

Thinking about buying a new harddrive?? Thinking about the IBM 75GXP?

Read this! (Article from The register)

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New Forum!

By: CJ
October 23rd, 2001
11:08 am

Per quite a few member's requests, I have added a new forum:

Computers & Components Vendors

to discuss where to buy your next upgrade...

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Security hole in Symantec LiveUpdate!

By: StarTraveller
October 12th, 2001
10:07 am

The tool used to update the virus definitions in Symantec's antivirus products has a security hole that can allow hostile code to be downloaded to PCs, according to the German hacking group Phenoelit. more

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New Moderator: StarTraveller

By: CJ
October 10th, 2001
10:01 am

I have made the decision to bring StarTraveller onboard as a moderator. He has been very helpful as of late, and I think he would make a great addition to the team.

I hope you will welcome him!

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