Apple iWatch - your next gadget?

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A series of reports this week in the US have all but confirmed that Apple is developing a "smart watch"...
...Apple reportedly has a team of 100 product designers working on the project, indicating it is beyond the experimentation phase and heading towards production... is another sign the industry is convinced wearable technology is a mainstream proposition...

Really? This reminds me of those old wearable calculators we had back in the day, you remember; those little LCD ones with soft buttons and large display's, with some even sporting scientific functions. Or those "chronograph" watches.
They were so nerdy! I still cringe thinking about it :lol: Is there really a strong market for such devices today?

So the new crop will be wirelessly connected to your iPhone, giving you remote control of your phone (apparently a phone will be much more handy when attached to the wrist).

I assume we will speak into them like Dick Tracy of yore too, holding them to our ears when in a noisy environment.

Seriously? I have some difficulty with the idea. It may be just my bias due to uncomfortable memories of dorky calculators, but really?

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